400ml Samoan Coconut Oil


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Manufactured in Samoa

Our Coconut oil is manufactured in Samoa on the big Island of Savaii.

The factory premises and all its machinery meet all expectations required to meet international health standards.

The farmers are paid above fair trade prices for their coconuts with over 1000 farmers supplying coconuts for organic oil production. This makes coconut oil an important part for enabling employment, education of children and supplying the necessities of life.

All of this runs deep into ways that Pure Alofa would like to give back to our communities.

- PA oil is Raw, Cold Pressed & Unrefined - 100% Virgin Organic Coconut Oil

How do you know good coconut oil when you see one?

Raw - meaning during the extraction process, the oil has been kept in its most natural state.

Cold Pressed - Meaning that the process used to extract the oil from the coconut uses little to no heat. PA oil uses No heat throughout the process maintaining the nutrients in the oil.

Unrefined / Virgin - Unrefined coconut oil is usually made from fresh, mature coconuts and means the oil has not undergone any processing. It can also be described as Virgin.

Organic - means that the oil has been produced free from pesticides and intensive farming practices.

So in a nut shell, all of the above properties of a fantastic oil can be seen by the color and also its odour.

The purest coconut oils are very white in solid form and very clear in liquid form and gives off a light coconut aroma as opposed to a strong coconut smell.

Pure Alofa Coconut Oil ticks all the above tells for a super high grade oil.