Fagu'u Samoa
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Fagu'u Samoa

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250ml Virgin Organic Coconut Oil

Taking us back to the Islands 🌴

The well known table sauce bottle filled with amazing Samoan coconut oil sold in the Samoan markets.

The oil in the Markets in Samoa are normally more of a dark yellow and have a strong coconut oil scent. This is due to the process in which the oil is extracted using the suns heat.

Our Samoan oil is the same oil but extracted using the centrifuged method making the color clear and the smell a lot more pleasant (and you can use it for cooking).🥥🥥

Commonly used for fofo (massage), we were taken "back to the islands" today while packing and labeling our Fagu'u Samoa, where you remember that there is always a mum, aunty, dad, uncle or grandparent in the family who gave everyone a massage when they were sick, sore or injured. They would show up with their fagu'u (oil) in the sauce bottle with a cork and tea leaves or nonu leaves and visit regularly to do this until you were well.🌴

The faguu is often mixed with lega (turmeric) and applied to chicken pox and wounds to heal and soothe itching which you will sometimes see in the Samoan markets as well.

Our Samoan Oil will solidify in colder temperatures but will melt easily when you immerse the bottle in warm / hot water.

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