Pure 'Alofa' meaning Pure 'Love' in the Samoan language, is the inspiration behind all our natural products and the foundation of our business. Our products are made sulphate, paraben and animal cruelty free.

About Us

Talofa lava and Warm Pacific greetings!! Welcome and thank you for joining our Pure Alofa family!! Pure Alofa (alofa is the Samoan word for love) is a home-based business in Auckland, New Zealand. We make and sell natural products and also have a small variety of natural supplies and ingredients as well as various forms of packaging. Pure Alofa started as a small idea in May of 2018 and has slowly become a big dream that we are working on making come true. Who are we? 

Joyce Purcell - Growing up on a working organic farm in Samoa, Joyce has a wide knowledge of home and herbal remedies. Joyce was raised in Samoa, now lives in Auckland with her husband and seven children. Joyce’s passion is around using the resources in our natural world to heal, replenish, grow and supplement healthy life choices in an urban fast-paced environment. 

Malia Lameta-Huro Born in Christchurch and raised in Samoa, Malia grew up heavily influenced by her Grandmother, who regularly spent time sharing stories, history and cultural practices. This is the basis for Malia’s interest in the natural and health properties of essential and organic oils, the art of the Samoan massage and the intertwined nature of oral traditions and herbal practices. Malia loves being involved in the creative process and is passionate about ensuring that everyone has access to natural, sustainable and value-for-money products. 

How Pure Alofa came to be...

For many years, we have both worked in various 9-5 jobs, jobs we loved, but left us both with very little time to relax and enjoy the fruits of our labour. 

In January 2017 Joyce fell really ill while pregnant with her 6th child (yes… 6th… that is not a typo lol) and was forced to stay home, around this time, Malia also resigned from her job in Dunedin to move up to Auckland for her husband’s health. After settling in Auckland, Joyce and Malia met up for brunch and started to discuss ideas around self-employment and passion. Pure Alofa was born. While browsing online and making calls, we found that there were no suppliers for cosmetics - well none that didn't have ridiculous minimum order quantities and other fees, but what we did find were suppliers of ingredients for natural products... and then it hit us... this was what we wanted to do... We were already doing it anyway... we wanted to make natural products.We did not wait to launch, we just did it or we knew we would keep procrastinating and with the little Facebook audience Joyce had from her Avon days, we were able to keep posting what we were up to and slowly grow and develop (we're still growing and developing). 

Our love for our families and Joyce’s love for being a stay at home mum (though many times challenging) and our love for what nature has to offer to help us live healthier lives and be the best version of ourselves has been the foundation of this business.

So, if you've read this whole page about us… thank you..as we don't think many would have gone past the first paragraph lol.


We are mostly an online store, however, pick ups are available from our mini shop where you can also make purchases.

Eftpos is available.


52 Golf Road, New Lynn, Auckland 0600

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