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From Our Family To Yours

Welcome and thank you for joining our Pure Alofa family!!

Pure Alofa (alofa being the Samoan word for love) is a home-based business in Auckland, New Zealand. We make and sell natural products and also have a small variety of natural supplies and ingredients as well as various forms of packaging,  Island-inspired clothing and gifts. Pure Alofa started as a small idea in May of 2018 and has slowly become a big dream that we are working on making come true. The whole idea behind Pure Alofa is to provide natural, good for your skin and good for the environment products at an affordable price that means everyone can access them. These products are Pacific inspired but are for everyone that wants quality products at reasonable prices. We do this by sourcing natural and organic ingredients, keeping our running costs & profit margins low, and making everything with love and integrity.

Malia was born in Christchurch, raised in Samoa, and grew up heavily influenced by her Grandmother, who regularly spent time sharing stories, history and cultural practices. This is the basis for Malia’s interest in the natural and health properties of essential and organic oils, the art of the Samoan massage and the intertwined nature of oral traditions and herbal practices. Malia loves being involved in the creative process and is passionate about ensuring that everyone has access to natural, sustainable and value-for-money products. Malia's love for family and love for what nature has to offer to help us live healthier lives and be the best version of ourselves has been the foundation of this business.

Talk to us if you are looking for White Label products, wholesale or personalised Corporate Gifts... We are happy to make up gifts and labelling to reflect your brand.

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