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  • Pure Alofa Diffuser Blends

Pure Alofa Diffuser Blends


Natural vibrant fragrances and oils blends that will rejuvenate, refresh, relax and invigorate any space you choose to spend time in. When using our Jumbo Diffuser add 10-15 drops of your chosen diffuser blend to the water and enjoy the resulting mist, when using our mini diffuser add 3-7 drops to the water. These blends include fragrance oils and essential oils that encourage breathing, growth and relaxation.


The Blends are:

Just Breathe - Diffuser blend for that pesky flu season, this will help clear the sinuses and encourage deep breathing

Just Think - Diffuser blend for clarity

Just Play - Diffuser blend to increase happinessand decrease anxiety

Just Dance - Diffuser blend to increase happinessand decrease anxiety, encourages movement


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